The French Revolution: Free Online Lectures

For those of you who are interested in learning more about the French Revolution there are several excellent lectures from various universities available for download or streaming. I have been really amazed at all of the high quality lectures on history and other disciplines springing up across the web.  

Take a look at the website Academic Earth for an extensive listing of online courses.

"The French Revolution" part 1 from UC Berkeley

"The French Revolution" part 2 from UC Berkeley
The second half of the lecture isn't on Youtube but can be downloaded
from UC Berkeley's website HERE

Prof. Lynn Hunt's lectures on "The French Revolution" from UCLA.
Hunt is one of the most distinguished scholars of French History in the U.S.

Prof. John Merriman's lectures on "Robespierre and the Terror" from Yale.
This video has been split into five parts for posting to Youtube.
You can also download the entire lecture online HERE

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  1. Your online lecture on French Revolution is really helpful. I really needed to brush up my knowledge on French history.